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Projects .... Dragon Sofa

If a sofa had been rescued from a fire by a mechanical engineer, this is maybe how it would have been renovated.                   


This incredible sofa is the creation of the one and only Von Lackerstein; brave, brutishly hansom and incredibly wise steampunk wizard, steeped in the art of engineering alchemy. Brave he is, as he single-handedly wrestled this old sofa from the very sharp claws of the fierce fire dragon known as Mobelfresser. (furniture eater)


The scorched and somewhat charred part of the old sofa has been sealed and reinforced with an aluminium exoskeleton. A copper satellite dish connected to a global navigation system has been installed along with a multi-directional illumination set up, which doubles as a head warmer and mild hair-drier. The crystal ball acts as a flux capacitor and is built into and supports the scorched leg.

For extra time-travelling strength, steel wire rope maintains the integrity of the sofa frame.


The leather back panel fabric of the sofa has been kept in its original condition showing the dragon claw marks as testimony to its historic legacy.

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