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My Heart Art is a visual pointer to our true nature that X factor that’s within everyone of us. Everything in existence arises from heart energy, this even plays out in our own physical creation as our heart is the first organ to come into formation. The Hopi Indians say the longest journey a person will ever take is that from their head to their heart. Personally I feel this is no longer true. More people than ever before are waking up to their true nature but you won't hear about this in the news media.

I feel that as we remember how to love ourselves the good and the bad of it we experience our natural wholeness which enables us to truly love our family, friends and others whole heartedly. The bi-product or side effect of this love is that it builds up and will naturally overtake and consume the prejudice, hatred and confusion in the world. Heart-based living becomes normal as it is natural. Full conscious connection to our heart and having genuine head heart balance is the only way to experience real life.

Robert Lackerstein.

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My racing Heart.           (Lamborghini) 

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