Inspiration, passion and creativity are the life force that drives my business. Being able to skilfully work from a large pallet of different materials, allows me to turn ideas into reality. Once created the item hopefully has an effortless ease about it and may be considered art for the eyes.

Robert has often been described as a natural artist. It is in his genes, so to speak; his mother having a very good eye for art and colour and his dad being a highly talented engineer. Robert has a natural instinct for art and design with the added ability to construct and build with various materials. At school, Robert impressed the teachers with the speed at which he designed and made things, be it from wood, steel, plastic, fabric stone, or many other materials.

Robert is inspired by:

  • Leonardo da Vinci;

  • Michaelangelo;

  • Tri-Chevy's;

  • Chocolate/cream cakes by Eric Lanlard;

  • Cosmology;

  • Rome/Venice/Florence;

  • Ralph Lauren;

  • Watches (time pieces);

At the time of leaving school Robert had the choice of training to become an Architect or a mechanical engineer. Engineering won out as he wanted to work with high performance cars. After a five year apprenticeship Robert was building high horse power cars for himself and others. It was during this time that he honed his skills in working with steel, plastic, wood, paint and electrical systems. The cars were often described as moving works of art.

In 1983 Robert met Ian Murchison-Smith an ex-Rolls Royce interior trimmer who trained him in the skill of leather trimming. This, coupled with Roberts's upholstery skills, gave him the confidence to start his own business in 1985. This was initially an upholstery company but soon expanded into interior design. Here Robert was responsible for all the in house design: from lighting systems, to furniture design; wall and floor coverings and fittings. It was not long before Robert was well established with a good reputation and high calibre clients.

In June 2000 Robert decided to down size his business and moved from Chelsea in London to Lincolnshire. Here he carried out his bespoke furniture making and focused on his unique Iris mirrors. Robert also felt that he want to put something back into society so developed workshops for individuals looking to expand their horizons by increasing confidence from within, and operating from their own inner quality of life. In 2010 Robert started too focused on art installations and bespoke conversation pieces for hotels, restaurants, corporate companies and private clients.

3868 (2).JPG
BMW 850
BMW 850

This was fitted with a 350 Chevy engine

foody art (2)
foody art (2)
Steampunk lift
Steampunk lift